9575 Old Gentilly Road
New Orleans, LA 70127

Phone: (504) 241-0749
Fax: (504) 241-2272

Kevin Palazzo: kpalazzo@sixllc.net
John Zepeda: jzepeda@sixllc.net
Shassy Tassin: stassin@sixllc.net
Grace Mills: gmills@sixllc.net
Scott Shires: sshires@sixllc.net

At New Orleans we operate an 18 acre container yard facility with cross dock warehouse operations. New Orleans is conveniently located to both the CERES and the Port of Americas.

Sales - Ralph Amos: ramos@sixllc.net
Accounting - Rhoda Collings: rcollings@sixllc.net
Safety & Maintenance - Eric Cooper: ecooper@sixllc.net