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Southern Intermodal Xpress, LLC is a specialized carrier which has been operating for over forty years throughout the Southeastern United States. The company serves ports and rails in the central Gulf of Mexico region and is strategically positioned to serve the intermodal needs of customers who import and export through full service terminals in New Orleans, LA, and Mobile, AL.

We offer a full range of container drayage services and maintain interchange agreements with all major steamship lines and railroads serving the central Gulf Coast. We serve as Container Yard/Depot for eight major steamship lines in Mobile and New Orleans with direct equipment updates via a web based equipment control system. We can serve all of your intermodal needs including specialized equipment and some oversize and overweight movements. Our knowledge of the ports and rails, along with our commitment to efficiency eases the transportation process, allowing products to arrive in a safe and timely fashion.

Our management and staff collectively have hundreds of years of experience in the intermodal transportation industry and our aim is to provide the highest quality of service.

With our commitment to quality and teamwork, we make the transfer process seamless. Contact Southern Intermodal Xpress for more information or to get a quote.

Container Drayage
Southern Intermodal Xpress offers a full range of container drayage services. We serve the Gulf Coast terminals in Mobile, AL and New Orleans, LA. We haul legal and heavy weight containers including various commodities from lumber and paper, to chemicals. We are especially skilled in hauling overweight reefer containers. SIX employees are well-versed in handling gen sets and have the ability to monitor running reefers on our terminal site in Mobile, AL. We understand that refrigerated freight is a precious commodity. Our employees have the knowledge and tools to handle unforeseen complication.

Bulk Freight Hauling
Southern Intermodal Xpress operates a fleet of Triaxle tilt chassis and 40ft dump trailers to handle our bulk customer needs.

Dry Vans and Flat Beds
Southern Intermodal Xpress also offers flat beds and van service to our clients within a 400-mile range of Mobile, AL.

We welcome wheeled or grounded 20’, 40’ and 45’ containers in each of our 15+ acre facilities, which are centrally located in the drayage community, only minutes from the ports and rails and known to all in our markets..

Ocean providers utilizing our Ports and Rails do/have relied on our services and space as their off-port option, (examples: NYK, KLine, Maersk, OOCL and CMA-CGM). We also store for several equipment lease and sales providers, (examples: One-Way Lease, Triton, CARU and ICON).

We offer you a desirable and secure space, competitive rates and will utilize “Depot Systems” as our tool for your daily activity and inventory reporting.

For SIX Depot information, contact us at , (251) 438-2749.

Our Corporate Partner, Merchants Transfer has been in the warehousing business for over 100 years. Their secure facilities offer flexible lease arrangement and private or contract warehousing.

Three separate facilities in Mobile County allow easy access to I-65, I-10, I-165 and Highway 43. The warehousing facilities are also easily accessible from the Alabama State Docks and numerous rail lines terminals, such as CSX, NS, BNSF, IC, CN, TASD Terminals and AGR.

Our Story

Southern Intermodal Xpress and Point Logistics joined forces in January 2015, with the merger resulting in two teams having more than 40 years of experience in intermodal drayage, warehousing and freight services. Because of their differences in experiences and approaches, we are really excited and motivated by the opportunity for employees of a 40+ year company to work with employees from a 10 year company. The blend of experience with younger creativity brings a renewed enthusiasm that creates a unique set of capabilities and realistic solutions to any intermodal service need that you may have.

David Kennedy, with business partners Ralph Amos, Melissa Campbell and Kevin Palazzo had been together for 40 years. Through acquisitions and mergers, in 1998 they formed Southern Intermodal Xpress. The team’s dedication to quality employees, a great safety program and a continued commitment to superior customer satisfaction allowed the company to quickly grow to over 110 trucks.

Three partners - John Stimpson, Mac Taul and Christopher Watkins, started Point Logistics in 2006, as the Container Terminal at the Port of Mobile, AL began to expand. Their professional backgrounds in importing, warehousing and railroad transportation allowed them to see a need for reliable container drayage services in the area. As word of their professionalism and reliability circulated within the industry, Point Logistics grew quickly into a full-service intermodal transport company with a large fleet of trucks and operators. In just a few short years, Point Logistics now serves clients throughout the United States and offers drayage services at ports all along the Gulf Coast.

Mac, John and Christopher offer a unique perspective to intermodal trucking. Their families have spent generations serving the shipyards, railroads, and manufacturers who formed their livelihoods around international shipping. And with the knowledge of those who came before them, they are especially prepared to build on the future.

Today, under the blended leadership of John, Ralph, Melissa and Kevin, along with Mac and Christopher, accompanied by one of the most knowledgeable staffs in the industry, Southern Intermodal Xpress is a true leader in the region’s transportation industry…. and poised for growth.

Our People

The most important part of Southern Intermodal Xpress is the people that work together every day to make everything happen.

Not only do we all work together and value each other’s contributions, we also value creating a respectful and enjoyable environment.  In addition to looking for new challenges we always make space for the human experience.

"Simply put, Point Logistics provides a very reliable service. Shippers that do business with APM Terminals Mobile speak very highly of Southern Intermodal Xpress and of the valued service they provide. We can clearly see in our communications with Southern Intermodal Xpress that they listen to the voice of their customers. They are creative thinkers that tailor their services to meet individual customer’s needs. Point Logistics is a very positive component of the Mobile Port Community."

-Brian L. Harold, Managing Director, APM Terminals
Mobile, AL

"“We partnered with Southern Intermodal Xpress early on and have never looked back since. The reason… good ole’ fashion customer service with real people, quick answers and guaranteed service. Mirror image of our company philosophies.”"

Teresa Pittillo, President, Poseidon Forwarding Company, Inc.
Woodstock, GA