9575 Old Gentilly Road
New Orleans, LA 70127

Phone: (504) 241-0749
Fax: (504) 241-2272

Kevin Palazzo: kpalazzo@sixllc.net
John Zepeda: jzepeda@sixllc.net
Shassy Tassin: stassin@sixllc.net
Grace Mills: gmills@sixllc.net
Scott Shires: sshires@sixllc.net

At New Orleans we operate a five acre container yard facility with cross dock warehouse operations. New Orleans is conveniently located to both the CERES and the Port of Americas.

Sales - Ralph Amos: ramos@sixllc.net
Accounting - Rhoda Collings: rcollings@sixllc.net
Safety & Maintenance - Eric Cooper: ecooper@sixllc.net